Sibenik is political, economic, social and cultural centre of Sibenik-Knin county in Dalmatia, Croatia. Placed in the middle part of Croatian Adriatic coast, in picturesque, well-indented, bay in which river Krka empties. There are 42 000 inhabitants. From all other cities on Adriatic Sibenik takes a special place. While Solin, Trogir, Hvar and Vis were Greek, Roman and Byzantine’s, Sibenik is a “new city “, founded just as a balance to the Byzantine’s Dalmatia. That’s why Sibenik is the oldest Croatian city on Adriatic.

Most famous cultural-historical monuments are:

  • Cathedral St. Jacob (1431-1536) – most significant architectonic monument of renaissance in Croatia (work of Juraj Dalmatinac)
  • church of St. Krsevan (13. st.)
  • church of St. Francis 14. st.)
  • churches of St. Nicholas and St. Lawrence (15. st.)
  • city hall (16. st.)
  •  fortresses: St. Michael, St. Ivan (or Tanaglia – local Tanaja), Subicevac and St. Nicholas

Sibenik is city of rich spiritual and material culture, also tourist traditional identity. Tourist attraction of Sibenik has been built on history, culture, natural beauty – tourism and selective programs: nautical tourism, marinas, hotels, apartments and villas, tourist suburbs in a city and surroundings with untouched nature.

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