Primosten, was first mentioned in 1564 as a small island with a village, surrounded by defensive walls and a wooden bridge connected to the mainland by one and gets a name – Primosten (at the bridge).

Attractive tourist destination with the old town and was originally built stone houses and narrow streets, surrounded by crystal clear waters, long promenade and sandy beaches, place the folklore and folk music nights, the feast of Our Lady of Porto (big procession around the town and on the sea 27th July) and the traditional “Primostenske Fiesta” (the first weekend of August), comes alive every year again, the customs of Primosten history.

Stone houses, churches and narrow streets are perfect harmony of past and present time. In spite of heritage and reaches of modern civilisation Primosten has even today kept its atmosphere and all architectural signs of mediaeval Mediterranean fishermen’s place.

In the town itself there are excellent restaurants, with great quality and selection of local products, the menu for incorporated with quality wines coming originally from Primosten’s basement.

The past can be felt in rural households, which in its original setting and offer environmentally prepared forgotten dishes and specialties.